A Cause to Stir


Paperback, 54 pages

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A short but unique look at the human condition. Divided into five subjects; technology, war, social illnesses, dystopia, and the hope of Utopia, the poet merely attempts to raise awareness.

This chapbook contains 27 original poems and is produced with a nice bound edge. It is a small collection of poems and not lengthy piece of work. It’s perfect for the busy reader who prefers to read a single poem.
Many of these poems have been featured on this blog at some point in the past. Because it’s not possible to give this little book away, I do ask that you only purchase it knowing the above information and as a gesture of appreciation, or charity.


  • New Clear Image  (read this poem now)
  • Intellectual Miscalculations
  • Prognosis: Progress
  • Uranium 235 Mind
  • Future’s Mold
  • In the Event of Excessive Exposure

Part 2 : WAR

  • Frogmarched into the Doldrums (read this poem now)
  • D-Evolution in Artistry
  • Legacies
  • Warning Lights
  • The Politics of War
  • How the Dead Will Respond


  • The Crying Bench (read this poem now)
  • Below The Line
  • Street Talkin’ the Mirror
  • Drinking Poverty
  • A Time for Tears
  • Marginalized


  • Corrected Thinking (read this poem now)
  • Background Noise
  • Freedom from THE Machine
  • After The War
  • Rule of the Prophet
  • A Mandate to Record Bird Watching

Part 5 : UTOPIA

  • The Last Man (read this poem now)
  • Path to 1000 Years
  • Useless