After the New Clear Dawn


Upcoming publication

A note from the author about this publication.

This work is the culmination of every book I’ve read, movie I’ve watched, thought I’ve explored, heartache I’ve witnessed, nightmare I’ve feared, and hope I’ve dared to entertain. In essence this publication is the work I was designed to share.

An excerpt:

…young lives once drawn into that fray

Where age of steel had built its home

In fringe of death – now long decay –

Abandoned hope for seeds of growth…

My wish remains that once this work is complete, I can return to normal life where I’m not plagued by the injustice or horrors of our world, where my thoughts are no longer consumed by the constant search for solutions to unsolvable problems that are not solely mine to own. With any luck I’ll be free from this pathos and allowed to grow and move on.

In essence, once this work is complete I wish to have little (if anything) left to say on this subject.  From that point forward it will be your task to explore these words and pass on any thoughts of your own.