Strangled by the Moon


I peer into the dark milky sky and
wonder why the moon can swallow the stars,
but I can’t swallow my fears. Tomorrow
the sun will rise and you, beside me, will
rise like mourning thunder shaking my bones
and leading me, tail drawn between my legs,

into my corner of despair, where time,
endless as the angst I bare, strangles life
from all who live, recycling their breath
as if it were nothing more than fuel to
feed it’s engine of death. Why, Lord when I
try to form the sound of terror do you

lace my mouth, drawing my lips together
as if they were battle boots on empty
fields? How can they hear me, your angels of
hope, when they’re hidden behind the moon and
I, mute with anxiety, no longer
raise my eyes in search of their compassion.

©KMcGee – 2019

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