The Fifty-first State of America


This country is changing. It has added a new state: the State of Digression. In this state resides politicians and their like who live under a new set of laws and protections where they have granted their own freedoms and those freedoms have allowed them to demonstrate how small minded we’ve become.

The events that have unfolded in recent months clearly demonstrate a disregard for YOUR constitutional freedoms; are a careless assassination of decency; and is a violation of the sacred bond of blind justice. How can justice be served when every concession precedes a new demand and the infinite loop of biased dissatisfaction keeps droning and drumming to the rat-tee-tat-tat of tales demanding that after every unnecessary proof of innocence another tenuous accusation surface to mold “the end”?

What happened to the burden of guilt lying in the hands of the accuser? Why, if it’s one’s civic duty can’t we just proceed with charges and allow the system of justice to take its natural course. Instead of a trial by public opinion shouldn’t a legal accusation be made, whereas charges proceed through legal prosecution? Surely a trial would expose truth to the laws of perjury. Or is this a NEW America, home of the fifty-first state, where social recognition, self-promotion, and the quest for political power frees people from responsibility, the law, and sanity.

What becomes of this way of law; where guilt by boisterous assertion becomes norm and constitutional protection yields to a vicious clockwork mentality that slashes, beats, and slanders its way through the last remnant of innocence? I have pity for the unborn, for their future has been irrevocably tainted. Changed is the relationship between law and justice. Blurred is the line between guilt and innocence. I fear the children of the future will be left a legacy of legislators who would say, “that it doesn’t matter if he’s guilty or innocent,” and who prayed on the naivety of those who think that the violation of the constitutional right to the presumption of innocence will stop here, because death by slander is not contained to a “he said, she said” canvas and the scope of further social digression cannot be fully ascertained.

I beg of you, Americans, get educated! Understand the lasting effects of setting precedence. Uphold the foundation of blind justice. Don’t just listen to the biased and opinionated reporting of the bellicose who by garish repetition develop and mold your normalcy bias. Research the facts. Apply critical thinking. Ask questions and then find the answers. Test everything and only after you learn the truth do you stand up, protest, and fight. For truth is not relative or opinion – it is FACT in accordance with reality.

Politics is a Ponzi scheme where power is built from the top down by the widening flow of new initiates who carry the burden on their backs – let’s not be the fuel of repression. Instead we should be the cornerstone of a legacy built from the bottom up. In the future when our children and grandchildren and all generations to come look back at this moment in history, let them be proud of the legacy we left behind instead of cursing the ignorance of small minds.