Silence lies within the Stone, but blindness lies within the Man


I’m much like a fossil-A silent stone
Frozen in my time by the great deluge
that washed over my skin.
A spectacle, indeed-
Plastered in strata and
suffocated in the mud slung from
donkeys’ hooves as they traverse
one by one in their PERFECT row.
Descending deeper into the canyon.
Each one thirsting for the river
below. Never stopping to consider
the poison that rolls downhill
from their piles of dung. Their
eyes focused on a singular Goal.

I wanted to warn them-
To yell, “STOP!”
But my voice is silenced by
the cementing properties of mud.
So the parade continues to MOVE ON,
progressing step by step toward
a certain end of their own.
Their poisoned reward compounded by
the amassing of their own shit.

AND here I AM, suspended in the mix of it all;
A rock in the wall – a stone in the shoe –
Nothing more than a nuisance
to the line of Jackasses passing by –
my tooth filled smile permanently fixed
with eyes plucked from the socket
like a cheap paper mask, leftovers
from an adolescent Halloween.

KMcGee – 2017