To the sun our days have no numbers,
they are singular, an immortal moment,
our blue eyed face washed in its endless glow,
unaware of the shadow behind us.
It reminds me what it’s like to be a mother,
embracing that precious new infant, and
that infinite moment when you suddenly realize
that life, This one, single life
means more to you than any other –
more than yours, mine, theirs,
and just like the sun, from our perspective
we will never see the reverse,
the darkness that lies on the other side,
hidden from us, like some phantom in
an opera, all the warning signs there,
right before us, but we fail to believe,
fail to act, we wait instead for some proof,
some god-forbidden truth, that this precious
glowing smile could harbor such darkness,
Such evil!
Then one day, that knock comes, and
your world suddenly crashes, the sun
rises up and comes at you with hell-bent fury,
searing your heart, taking back that dust
from which you created life –
that precious little life,  who
finally revealed that hidden side
that no mother should ever see.

©KMcGee – 2016