The Average Cause of War and Famine


I’ve discovered there’s no such thing
as normal – just average; Man boiled
down to statistics; counting hens
established by pecking orders;
and I – just stuck in the middle –
have entered the world unnoticed;
nothing special to set apart
my ideas; and so I carry
my soapbox – an “empty-square” crate
full of slogans and rhetoric;
things I learned in college, when I
was taught to embrace something new,
something more special than normal
(than average), because we all
need a cause to support; and mine,
filled with everyday war; famine;
destruction, is spoke by a blonde
born in the middle – a straight path
to mediocrity, because
the counting hens had determined
my fear has nothing to do with
the fringes, (or the sign on the
toilet), and there’s nothing I can
do to stop the impending world
war because I don’t look or act
different, and I don’t take a pee
standing up.

KMcGee – 2016


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