Sun Upon the Sand


Though we saw you
ahead of US, we wandered –
behind in our time,
trying to advance ten steps
with just two feet
between us and tomorrow.
Sometimes we grow weary.
We’ve been blinded by sorrows
from our past, stranded in our
forlorn desert. The future
rolled out ahead like the
endless sky; yet our
dreams – often tainted – recoil,
hiding answers inside like an
ancient scroll; Dated, yet
somehow current.

And still our Faith in
other men shines like
the greatest far light,
reaching out from within;
a star from distant past
who’s warmth has raced
across the black with
no reward in its time
for the trouble, yet lighting
our way and melting our souls.

And so we continue to wander
and bear this burden of hope.
Wishing one day it falls
on the war torn sands
to warm the path that
wears men’s soles. Then,
maybe then, with those
two feet and love in tow,
we’ll walk together and
carry US from these times
of darkened past and
into the light that
becomes OUR tomorrow.

©KMcGee – 2016