I Am – A Mother


It’s the night before
Mother’s Day

That quiet time
when regret smothers air
and you wonder
did I
didn’t I

and you remember
feeling inadequate
not knowing
is it worth the cost

the sum of all the tears
gallons  (or a thimble)
because perspective matters
and from where I sit
I realize I’m small

In the universe I’m undetectable
without much measure
AND looking out I’m blind
to the grand truth
that’s beyond my sight

so it matters not
what I’ve done
or haven’t
except that it does

because I Am A Mother

to the parts of me I can not see
(without whom I would not exist)
those tiny threads of life
that combine to make atoms
atoms that make cells
cells that make organs
and organs that helped me
make a life

I matter

because without me
their legacy dies
their existence is lost
they would matter not

and I realize
it matters
even if they can’t look out and see
even if they are blind to the truth

I should do more
I could do more

I owe it to them
those wombs of hope
that made a life
and sent it forward
into my care

© KMcGee 2015



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